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Fixed Fee Recruitment - Fill your vacancies without the hassles

How do I handle the masses of applicants who apply for every vacancy on the Net?

Get NetYourJob to screen out the unsuitables - we'll forward you just the best applicants!

How can I reach the best people who could fit our job vacancy?

NetYourJob lists your vacancy on all the top job sites, giving you maximum coverage!

I'm after a particular skill-set, and I don't want to see people who don't fit. Can you help?

NetYourJob screens out people who don't meet your criteria, you only see the ones that fit!

We need to reply to every applicant, they could be our customers one day, but it takes ages...

NetYourJob acknowledges every application, and then replies to all unsuccessful candidates!


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For just one fixed fee we will:

  • Create a catchy branded campaign

  • List your job on the top sites

  • Acknowledge every applicant

  • Interview every suitable candidate

  • Shortlist and forward just the best

  • Rank the shortlist by your criteria

  • Reply to all unsuccessful applicants

  • Deliver you superb service throughout